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Circuit training advantages and disadvantages

Circuit training advantages and disadvantages

There’s an endless list of workout programs or training methods that you can choose from. One such workout that is rapidly getting popular is circuit training.

Just like the two sides of the coin, each of these methods has its pros and cons. Some are more suited to one person than the other because everybody has different goals, fitness levels, and body types.

Circuit training requires the person to undergo a mix of bodyweight, cardio, and resistance exercises. The duration of each exercise can range from 30-60 seconds and is followed by the next exercise with a rest of 10-20 seconds in between. The total amount of the circuit can last from 20-45 minutes.

Here’s a quick review of its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.


  • Efficient

The circuits are designed by qualified coaches. If your circuit is well designed, then it can include cardio, strength, and resistance training all together. Moreover, a well-aligned circuit will work all body parts one after the other. This ensures an efficient, balanced, and effective workout on a regular basis.

  • Metabolism booster

Circuit training is proven to burn calories and fat even hours after the workout is completed. This is because circuit training revolves around high-intensity exercises with a small interval between each exercise. After a brief rest, your heart rate will rise and create excess post-exercise oxygen consumption that is responsible for raising your body’s metabolism.

  • Versatility

Circuit training can be done anywhere if you can follow the basic concept. Hence, even if you cannot go to the gym for a couple of days, your trainer can guide you on how to set up your own stations at home. It is not necessary to have gym equipment all the time. You can also take advantage of body-weight exercises.

  • Time saver

There are times when you have limited time to devote to exercise. In such a busy schedule, circuit training is the best because it enables you to do more in less time. Around 20-50 minutes is the required amount for a circuit. Hence, circuit training is a complete workout and that too in a shorter span of time.

  • New and a nice change

Circuit training is a good change if you have been doing weights, cardio, strength training and yoga for months and you and your body have gotten accustomed to the daily workout. A little variety is always welcome and adding circuit training to your weekly routine once/twice a week will keep you on your toes and your body may even show a vigorous change for the better!


  • Not for newbies

Circuit training may be shorter and faster but it is not easy. It requires stamina and may not be suitable for beginners or people with low fitness levels. Also, exhaustion from the rapid workout can make your form suffer and increases the risks of an injury. Hence, it is preferable to build your stamina before trying out circuit training and do it under the supervision of qualified coach.

  • Little muscle gain

If your aim is to build muscle or gain weight quickly, then circuit training is not the right choice. You can surely get toned and burn fat with circuit training but you will not be able to gain serious muscles with this approach.

  • Will not count as strength training

For strength training, it is vital that you carry weights more than 75% of your maximum capacity to activate the muscle fibres. It also requires a 1-2 minute break between exercises to allow muscles to recover. Hence, if your fitness goal is strength or body building, circuit training is not the ideal method.

  • Difficult to set up at home

Setting up an entire circuit at home is space-consuming and you may not find the motivation to do so. Moreover, there is no one to guide you about posture and form which can lead to injuries.

As earlier mentioned, everyone can have different opinions about circuit training according to their lifestyle, goals, fitness and stamina. Most people will enjoy the results if they are doing circuit training under a qualified instructor.

  • Circuit training advantages and disadvantages
    Building Muscle

    Circuit training advantages and disadvantages

    There’s an endless list of workout programs or training methods that you can choose from. One such workout that is rapidly ...
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