Meet the Founder: Sadie Frost of FrostBody

There are women in our lives that seem to have it figured out, planned, organised and executed. They tick all the boxes, all of the time: closing all the rings on their Apple Watch, never bogged down or late because of the school run, and always hitting their yoga mat – always. We’re sure you have that someone in your life too (we know we do!) that makes it all look just so easy. In a fast-paced world we look for inspiration from thought leaders and women from all walks of life to help us remember that achieving can be fun but to always leave room for rest, relaxation and mindfulness. We chat with notable celeb, mum and entrepreneur, Sadie Frost, about her techniques for staying grounded in the midst of it all and why yoga and meditation is the way forward for all.

What does creativity mean to you? How do you define it? What inspires you to be creative?

“The interesting thing about being creative is it’s usually quite a primal drive. It’s something that is just bubbling away that wants to come out. For me whether I’m designing something for Frost Body, directing, producing or writing a play. It’s all about telling stories and it’s so fulfilling when everything becomes aligned.”


Where do you live at the moment? How has this changed over the pandemic if at all? What does your city offer to you as a maker? What other places inspire you?

“I’ve moved back to the area in London where I was born, I have gone full circle and feel very at home and at peace. I had wanted to move for quite a while but then the pandemic struck and my plans were delayed. I’m so happy that finally I’m in the place I want to be. It’s wonderful having everything so close by on the road that I live, I have my office, my ballet lessons, my trapeze lessons and my Pilates class and if I manage to utilise all of those I’m lucky enough to have a pub where I can sit with friends and come up with ideas. I love being in cities or villages in the mountains from Deia to Marrakesh, to the Himalayas. The beauty and stillness of the mountains big or small give a wondrous energy that can be inspiring.

Image by: Debbi Clark

How did you get into this industry? What was your first job?

“I’ve been involved in many different careers but I have been designing with different brands for around 25 years. I’ve always had more than one profession at a time but this came about when originally I wanted to design with like -minded people. I founded FrostFrench with Jemima French in 1999.”

Why is it important for consumers to continue to seek out mindful and inclusive brands? What can they do to further support?

“It’s so important to support independent and smaller brands otherwise everything will become the same and only the big companies with thrive. It’s important to support young designers and cottage industries, it should be a place everyone. Often bigger brands have the worst record for social responsibility.”

Why is mindful and sustainable manufacturing important?

“In a world of mass consumerism we wanted to offer a collection that is well sourced (recycled fibres), well made with as little impact to the environment as possible and can be worn for seasons to come, not just a throw away product.”

Finish these sentences: “Always …” and “Never …”

“Always be positive, never be negative.”

What does yoga mean to you? What is your favourite pose? What are your other favourite ways to move or create movement on your own or with family/friends?

“Yoga is everything to me, it’s what makes me feel whole and sane in this crazy world. I practice yoga in the morning because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to achieve the contentment I can often feel. I wake up before 6am and will do a couple of different meditations in bed where I feel warm and safe. After practising Vipassanā, I will do some sufi rolls and spinal twists to get some focus, to get my metabolism going and to practise my breathing. Once I have done this, which lasts around 20-30mins, I am then ready to practise on my mat. There are so many poses I enjoy but you cannot go wrong with a simple downward dog.”

Favourite Yogamatters product(s)? Why?

“I love the Yogamatters Travel Yoga Mat because I’m always travelling and it’s perfect to take away with you.

What’s your work uniform? What do you wear when you’re not at work?

“I like to wear clothes to work that I could practise yoga or workout in as I am trying to utilise time. Our FrostBody Collection is great for layering up, for example the leggings work well underneath a pencil skirt.”

What gets you energised and keeps you recharged?

“Apple cider vinegar in the mornings is great for the metabolism. A lovely brisk walk with my sausage dog across Hampstead Heath and eating healthy vegan food.”

Favourite movie, book, app, podcast, game at the moment? You can list one or many!

“My favourite show at the moment is ‘Succession!’”

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