Workshops to help support good posture and mobility

Working from home and even working from the office without the right ergonomic set up has impacted our posture and wellbeing. Yoga can offer wonderful benefits to help support a strong spine and limber muscles.

Our friends at triyoga are offering great workshops to help you on your yoga journey now and beyond.

Sign up and book on to these courses below:

Bridget Woods Kramer: chair workshop level 1 + 2

These workshops explore how incorporating a chair into yoga makes the practice more inclusive by providing the support we need to access the essence of each pose. Level 1 introduces the chair as a simple but powerful tool to enrich your personal practice, and, if you teach, to make your classes accessible to seniors or those with movement challenges. Level 2 is for those with an established practice who looking to explore the challenges of twists, backbends, inversions and dropbacks using a chair to help us relax into physical experience, settle the mind and breath and practise from beyond a place of reaction.

Centre: triyoga camden or online

Date: Level 1 Saturday 16th Oct, Level 2 Sunday 17th Oct

Price: £30 per workshop in-centre or £20 online

Book here

Amber Jean Marie: 5 day rocket training

Led by Amber who directly with Rocket yoga’s founder for 11 years and teaches with his blessing, this six-day in-person training forms a comprehensive introduction to the Rocket system that’s true to its original spirit and philosophy. Open to anyone who’d like to study this style at depth, teachers holding 200 hour certifications will learn to modify and teach the Bottle Rocket and Rocket 1 sequences, existing Rocket teachers will learn to teach Rocket 2, and everyone will explore all three Rocket routines including their signature inversions and transitions in classes, workshops and personal study.

Centre: triyoga Camden

Date: Friday 22nd Oct – Tuesday 26th Oct

Price: £550

Book here

Doug Keller: strengthening + lengthening the core in backbends

This online workshop will introduce you to the potential for buoyancy and spaciousness in backbends when practised as whole-body poses. By tracing the myofascial threads from the feet to the knees, hips and low back, you’ll gain a new perspective on “the core” and a heightened awareness of body and breath. Book onto Part 1 to focus on enquiry, Part 2 for a creative practice, or take both to build a well-rounded perspective.

Centre: triyoga online

Date: Saturday 30th Oct

Price: £25 each workshop or £40 for the full workshop (part 1 and 2)

Book here

Anna Ashby + Tony Watson: Level 1 – 200+ hour teacher training

Established as one of the leading and most comprehensive trainings in the UK, the 18-month foundation-level triyoga teacher training is a deep dive into the teachings of yoga that covers asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy and physiology plus contemporary topics such as diversity and inclusion. Whether you want to learn to teach confidently and competently, become part of triyoga’s thriving community or to enrich your own practice, experienced trainers Anna and Tony plus visiting experts will guide you through 220 hours of tuition and practice via lecture and discussion, experiential classes, group work, practice teaching time, exercises for learning and discovery and homework.

Centre: triyoga Soho and online

Date: starting Saturday 6th Nov

Price: £4,250

Book here

David Swenson: 40 hour teacher training

This week-long in-person course, open to anyone with a consistent personal practice of ashtanga yoga who understands the flow and sequencing of the primary series, is a deep dive into primary that will deepen your practice and train you to teach ashtanga yoga. Covering hands-on adjustments, yoga theory and class practicalities, it’s a rare opportunity to tap into the warmth, lighthearted touch and passion that’s the result of David’s 50+ years of practice  and offers a wealth of invaluable knowledge as well as effective tools for practice and teaching.

Centre: triyoga Camden

Date: Monday 22nd Nov – Sunday 28th Nov

Price: £800

Book here

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