Yoga to nurture new life

If you’re feeling depleted, a bit disconnected, suffering from infertility, or would like to learn more about the power of your sacred womb space, then ‘Yoga to Nurture New Life’ might be just what you need.

In 2017 I trained with Birthlight and received a perinatal yoga diploma. Since then, I’ve been following women on their journey from conception to postpartum using yogic tools to reduce stress and anxiety, help balance internal bodily systems, improve fertility, increase comfort, and equip them with tips, tools, and jewels to use during labour, birth and beyond.

I decided to call my Yoga Matters workshop ‘Yoga to Nurture New Life’ as it’s the motto of Birthlight and part of the indigenous foundations upon which I have built my pre and postnatal offerings. My mission is to support mothers (and families!) during this empowering, beautiful and often challenging time with the understanding that our society is made up of individuals who are actually interdependent and – though it might not feel that way sometimes-part of a larger world family.

Yes, honouring the womb space goes far beyond conception and pregnancy!

Will you join me in connecting to your inner wisdom, creativity, and ability to create with Yogamatters this month?

Book on to the class here, and then, read on:

The energetic womb space

Accessing the energy of the sacred womb space is something that can be practiced by both men and women.

We each, men and women, have a chakra associated with the energetic womb space – the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is the energy centre of alignment, creativity, emotion and sexual energy. When out of alignment, you might suffer from symptoms such as lack of creative inspiration, infertility, shame, or feeling alone.

During part of my pregnancy with my son, I often felt those feelings when I experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum a form of extreme sickness and nausea way beyond the more common morning sickness associated with early pregnancy yet thankfully after 5 months this subsided and I was able to find a brighter light present within my womb.

The potential of the womb space is the energy of nurturing, unconditional love, creation, and divinity. and during my ‘Yoga to Nurture New Life’ class , we’ll be moving through various practices and tools to honour the way that this space can create life, invite clarity, and restore calm.

When we connect with the womb space, we access the ability to connect like a portal with both the generations that have come before us and the generations that will come after.

During our 45-minute workshop, we’ll be focusing on womb ecology as a way to nurture the energetic womb space. To create peace in the world around us, we first have to create peace within the life-giving space within us.

Antenatal Yoga - Pregnancy

Yoni Mudra

Yoni Mudra is a simple mudra that can be practiced by anyone and is related to the sexual organs, the reproductive system, fertility and creativity.

Practicing Yoni Mudra can help you connect to your life force energy and consciousness – it’s also a wonderful way to create calm and clarity within the mind. Using this mudra during meditation is a great way to feel relaxed and grounded.

Here’s how to practice Yoni Mudra:

  1. Come to a comfortable seated position.
  2. Bring the tips of your thumbs together and place them in front of your pelvis.
  3. Touch the tips of the index fingers and point them down, creating a triangle.
  4. Interlace the remaining fingers.
  5. Focus on the breath and your womb space behind your hands.

On October 12th, I’ll be hosting a gentle class with Yogamatters to guide you through some of the best practices for connecting with your sacred womb space.

This class is suitable for everyone at every stage of life and every level of previous experience. Each of us can benefit from connecting to the innate wisdom of our womb space, and I can’t wait to guide you through this nourishing class!

Book on to a FREE weekly online yoga class with Yogamatters here!

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