20 Min Full Body Pilates Yoga Workout | Total Body Stretch & Tone

A 20 minute pilates full body yoga workout is the perfect at home total body pilates practice to fire up your entire abs, midsection, glutes, and inner thighs. Working through strengthening toning exercises and deep releasing yoga asanas, this boho beautiful workout will leave you feeling energized, centred, and strong to continue with your day. Remember to breathe and push yourself to a limit that you feel comfortable. With time your body will get stronger and each exercise will get easier. So roll out your mat, grab some water, take a deep breath & lets begin! Pilates Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk Video by- Mark Spicoluk Location Mystica Yoga Retreat Center: Boho Beautiful Yoga Links: Boho Beautiful Official- Our NEW Streaming Platform & App Boho Beautiful Life- Our 2nd More Personal Youtube Channel: Sign Up For Our Newsletter & Get Two F


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