Morning Guided Meditation | 10 Minutes To Execute The Perfect Day

Try listening every morning to this ten minute guided meditation to set your mind and day up with a runway for perfect success, happiness, & focus. This 10 minute meditation will give you the space for mindfulness & mental clarity necessary to ground yourself perfectly in a clean start and a fresh slate, in order to create and access all that you need for a deep feeling of control and fulfillment. Taking the initiative every morning to find a quiet space to sit with yourself in stillness and meditate is one of the most simple and easy gifts that we can award to ourselves. This is because the space created each day only becomes stronger and more clear over time, and therefore more valuable for you to come back to yourself each time, strengthen your conscious focus, and then continue on with clarity and momentum into all that needs to be done in the day ahead. May you have the best day that you deserve. Love & Light…. Instructor- Mark Spicoluk Location- Rio Perdido, Costa ht


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